Wind Power Takes Crown Pet Foods Forward

Moy Wind Farm, Crown Pet Foods now powered by Moy Wind Farm

Moy Wind Farm delivers enough power for 1 trillion kibbles a year

Crown Pet Foods, part of the global Mars Inc group and manufacturer of ROYAL CANIN® and James Wellbeloved, is one of 12 UK-based Mars companies to operate using 100 per cent renewable electricity as of April 2016.

Mars UK has teamed up with energy company ENECO UK, who has just opened a new 20 turbine Wind Farm at Moy, south of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.  With a capacity of 60MW and an annual output of over 125,000 megawatt-hours, the renewable energy generated at Moy Wind Farm is enough to power the group’s 12 UK factory and office sites.

Pauline Devlin, Director of Corporate Affairs at Crown Pet Foods, said: “The Mars Group’s aim is to become ‘Sustainable in a Generation’ and the Moy Wind Farm is another big step towards that goal.  In terms of the pet food industry, here in the UK and across the world, we believe that we are leading the way in terms of sustainability and reducing our environmental impact significantly.

“At Crown Pet Foods we have already implemented a range of solutions, including ‘smart’ systems to save 410kWh of energy per day; delivery systems which enable us to minimise road transport; and sending zero production waste to landfill.  We are very proud of our commitment to the environment here in Castle Cary and beyond.

“Across the group we’ve also reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent in the last nine years and Moy Wind Farm will reduce them by a further 67 per cent in the UK, while increasing our global use of renewable electricity by over 13 per cent.”

For more information about Crown Pet Foods, ROYAL CANIN®, James Wellbeloved and their commitment to sustainability, please contact your brand business manager, visit,, or call 0845 600 9980 (ROYAL CANIN®) or 0845 300 4890 (James Wellbeloved).